Saturday, July 31, 2010

Handling Doctor Malpractice

Doctor malpractice is one of the scariest possibilities when you are going in to be treated by a physician. Whether or not you are going to their office or seeing them in a hospital, it is important that you understand what doctor malpractice is and if you can or should file a claim.

The first item to address is yes, you can file a claim if you are a victim of doctor malpractice. It doesn't matter that you signed a form when you went in to see the doctor or checked into the hospital granting consent for treatment. You gave permission for a procedure to be carried out properly, by proper staff. Don't let the hospital, doctor or attorney for any of these entities try to tell you otherwise. You have the right to seek damages for the injury or loss that you suffered.

This is not to say that if you are not happy with the result of a treatment, procedure or office visit that you can sue the doctor.

There are certain requirements that must be there for it to be considered malpractice. For example, if your doctor does not treat a problem correctly, new problems can arise from the wrong treatment. You can file a doctor malpractice suit.

If through the negligence of your doctor a diagnosis is given too late for a treatment to do any good for you or your loved one, this is grounds for a malpractice suit. Likewise if the wrong diagnosis is given and then the wrong treatment is given you have grounds for a malpractice suit. During a procedure where the patient is under anesthesia or if the patient is having surgery and there are things that go wrong that could have easily been prevented by the doctor, you have grounds for malpractice.

The wrong medication being prescribed or the wrong dosage being prescribed can also be grounds for malpractice.

It may seem as though a malpractice suit can happen over many things, and it can. What you need to know is that you are going to need to provide documentation. This is why it is important that you get a copy of your medical records, and that you keep them. You should also keep track of any and all discharge instructions you are given when leaving the office or the hospital. The last thing you want to have happen is a loss of the doctor malpractice suit because the documentation was not there. As well, you may want to also keep a diary of your own notes, since if things start to really go south, you may not be in a position to remember things accurately.

Everyone should also know that malpractice is not limited to your physician. Professionals such as dentists, lawyers and doctors can all have malpractice suits drawn up against them. By law, malpractice is the dereliction of a professional's duty due to negligence or incompetence by that professional or the institution.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Suing For Medical Malpractice

Have you or anyone you know found yourself the victim of medical malpractice? If so, you are one of thousands of people who have been injured due to the negligence of a health care professional. Philadelphia malpractice attorneys are there to help you file a malpractice claim and seek the financial compensation that can help cover the costs of medical treatments-both mental and physical-and any other losses that resulted from the injury.

If you suspect a loved one died as the result of a medical mishap, you need to speak to a malpractice attorney, today. Malpractice law covers a wide range of medical mistakes and protects you from further wrong doing. Don't let time get away from you. Malpractice law has time restraints that require quick action. Time is money when you have been hurt by a negligent physician. A malpractice attorney can help you turn back the clock and get compensation for your grief.

It is important that you begin your Philadelphia malpractice claim as soon after the incident as possible.

If you are suddenly feeling painful or inappropriate effects from previous treatment, you may still be able to file a claim. Hospitals can also be at fault sometimes, and you can bet that they will also try to cover up any mishaps that occur. This is why you must be prepared to contact a lawyer to help you acquire the evidence necessary to file your claim against the hospital or one of its employees.

If the death of a loved one has occurred either through mishandling, misdiagnosis, surgical errors, or another form of negligence, you may find that you are unable to obtain the medical records of your relative. This is where a Philadelphia attorney really pays off, as they are able to obtain medical records on the basis of legal necessity.

You might find information in these records that can help support, if not confirm your claim.

When you have been mistreated by a medical professional or medical institution, malpractice law is on your side. Contact your trusted Philadelphia malpractice attorney immediately for guidance and protection. The law is on your side. Make it work for you today.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Medical Malpractice Lawyer- Responsibilities

No one wants to be on the other side of medical malpractice case. If you do find you or a member of your family has been a victim of medical malpractice in New York you should contact a Medical Malpractice lawyer. Lawyers know the laws of the stat they practice in and they know how to fight for their clients rights. Medical Malpractice lawyers work with cases that deal with doctor negligence or the negligence of any medical staff members that may work in a hospital or clinic. They deal with cases birth injury cases and other hospital or clinic error cases. They even deal with the most extreme cases which are accidental death; also known as wrongful death. To make sure your Malpractice case whatever type it may be is legitimate contact a Medical Malpractice lawyer.

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The attorneys' job is to make sure the patients' standard care has not been violated.

If the rights of the patient to obtain standard medical treatment were not met, there may be a possible medical malpractice case. The other requirement of the attorney is to prove malpractice, rather than a procedural error or additional unfortunate happening that might not be thought of as negligence. Some procedures carry established risks. Even if you're injured by a medical intervention, some incidents are looked at as normal medical injuries and not as malpractice. Some hospital problems are thought of as "acceptable" for medical care.

One of the most important things an attorney may have to prove in your case is hurt.

If the patient was not hurt in a case then there is no malpractice to claim.


Thursday, July 8, 2010

Florida Medical Malpractice

Forman Law Offices is a specialized law firm concentrating in the area of Florida medical malpracticemedical negligence, and other serious injuries. Seasoned Florida Medical Malpractice lawyers and staff are uniquely qualified to handle a wide range of matters from wrongful death, brain injuries, misdiagnosis and surgical errors to complex litigation involving medical issues. Multi-million dollar verdicts and claims that have been recovered on behalf of its clients is a testament to the firm's success.

Almost 100,000 wrongful deaths and countless other problems causing serious debilitating injuries occur every year in this country as a result of medical mistakes, however, less than 10% of these cases are pursued through our justice system.

To ensure that negligent health care providers are held accountable for their actions, victims of medical malpractice must pursue their legal rights.

When medical mistakes cause serious injury or death, Forman Law Offices provides trusted experience, guidance, and compassion to victims who may be entitled to financial compensation. Forman Law Offices offers a unique combination of expertise by merging legal and medical professionals under one roof. A full-time in-house doctor teams up with case Florida Medical Malpractice attorney s to offer the highest level of insight from all angles.

Legal strategy is blended with the medical knowledge and insight of the firm's doctors to efficiently and effectively evaluate almost any medical issue presented.

The firm takes into consideration each client's personal plight, addressing the facts and circumstances of each case on an individual basis.

Forman Law Offices uses its expertise and experience to weigh the benefits of each claim and chances for success. As a result, the firm guides clients through the litigation process, keeping them informed every step of the way, florida medical malpractice lawyer.

This combination of experience has earned Forman Law Offices an impressive reputation against some of the largest and best-represented medical organizations in Florida. Misplaced Lab Specimen Results in Infection of Ankle Bones Our client fell and broke her ankle, requiring surgery. Within a week, our client began complaining of symptoms consistent with that of an infection.

The podiatrist properly took a culture. Unfortunately, it took over a week before the results were evaluated. The podiatrist improperly waited two days before sending the culture to the lab. The lab promptly faxed the results back to the podiatrist within 48 hours. The results sat the podiatrist's desk for several more days while he was out of the office. By the tim the results were finally evaluated, the infection had spread into the bones in our clients ankle resulting in pain and inflamation. The case was settled the day before trial for 0,00.